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2018 MACRA rule continues pick-your-pace, will exempt even more clinicians (updated)

June 16, 2017

The Healthcare Finance News Article Published June 20, 2017 “2018 MACRA rule continues pick-your-pace, will exempt even more clinicians (updated)" discusses how under the 2018 MACRA Rule it will allow more clinicians to benefit from an increased low-volume threshold. This proposed rule will also allow flexibility for clinicians who are considered hospital-based or have limited face-to-face encounters with patients as well as continue to allow the use of previous edition EHR technology while encouraging the 2015 edition. Also, "pick your pace" option will continue in 2018, which is applauded by clinicians and allows them to choose their level of their participation. 


Cyber Security and HIPAA Compliance

June 09, 2017 | By: Michelle Bilsky, LHRM

Cyber Threats have become a serious issue in healthcare IT over the past few years.  Every day there are attempts to break into secure computer environments in order to either ransom the owners' information to themselves or just to steal that information and sell it to someone else.  Medical records go for about $60 per record (that’s what the hacker is paid by the buyer) whereas simple credit card records go for about $10 per record.  The reason that medical records are so valuable is simple – the information doesn’t change.  A person cannot turn off their medical record or change their birthdate, however, we can cancel a credit card and render it useless. For more guidance and materials continue to the full article by clicking below.