Our Proactive Claims Approach to Get You Back to Practicing Medicine

MedMal Direct Insurance’s experienced claims professionals work directly with you on any claim or legal matter related to your practice which is covered under your Healthcare Professional Liability policy.  When you report a claim, or should you receive a notice of a lawsuit or any governmental action against you, our experienced claims professionals will return your inquiry promptly and work with you to better understand all facets of the matter, obtain all the necessary facts, and set out a concise plan of action. 

In the case of a lawsuit, we will set out a defense plan and arrange to retain experienced, trial-ready malpractice defense counsel from your area to defend you and the case.  As we consider which defense counsel to assist you, we welcome recommendations, suggestions, and other input to assist in our collaborative choice.  

Our proactive claims approach by our experienced claims professionals is to work closely with you throughout the claim investigation and when a lawsuit is involved, to engage the finest defense counsel to aggressively protect your interests. By working closely with you and defense counsel as a team, we can effectively anticipate and resolve most key claim and litigation issues by using sound strategies to obtain the best possible case outcome.

As always, you, as the insured under our Healthcare Malpractice Professional Liability policy retain the right to consent regarding the settlement of your case.


I have had the privilege to work with the outstanding Claims & Risk Management Department at MedMal Direct Insurance Company. At every turn, MedMal Direct has supported both me and its insureds. They have gone above and beyond in giving me the freedom to hire experts, attend meetings, and do whatever is necessary to strongly defend its doctors and other healthcare providers. It is an absolute pleasure working with MedMal Direct."

- Dan McGrew, Carlock, Copeland & Stair, LLP, Atlanta, GA

I have practiced medical malpractice defense for 33 years and have worked with most of the professional liability carriers in the country. The claims team at MedMal Direct is exceptional in their experience, breadth of knowledge of medical issues and defense strategy and responsiveness to both the physicians and defense counsel. They are responsive during the litigation process and supportive to their physicians. They are a physician first company with an outstanding team of well credentialed claims staff.

- Marc Benjoya, Cassiday Schade, LLP, Chicago, IL