Medical Malpractice Insurance in Ohio

The number of medical malpractice claims in Ohio has been falling in recent years, thanks to legislation enacted in 2004. In fact, the state of Ohio experienced a total of 3,019 medical malpractice cases in 2013. Approximately one in four of these cases closed with a payment made to the claimant.

Although the risk of medical malpractice claims in Ohio has been decreasing, the cost of malpractice insurance premiums remains high when compared to other states. However, doctors are not able to avoid these costs, as the state requires all doctors and hospitals to carry medical malpractice insurance before they can practice. Furthermore, the risks associated with failing to purchase medical malpractice insurance are high, given that a single claim can cost millions of dollars if the plaintiff is successful in court. Even if the plaintiff is not successful, you will still find yourself paying exorbitant legal fees.

Having medical malpractice insurance is not only required by law in Ohio, but it also provides you with peace of mind. With a comprehensive and individualized insurance program protecting you, you know that you can practice medicine without worrying that an isolated mistake could have catastrophic repercussions for you and your practice. If a claim does arise, your insurance will provide you with the best medical malpractice lawyers Ohio has to off, and it will cover some or all of any indemnity payments awarded.

Here at MedMal Direct, we offer some of the most extensive malpractice coverage on the market, along with robust member benefits, and exceptional customer service.  For more information or to obtain a quote, contact MedMal Direct's Ohio medical malpractice insurance representative below. 

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