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Orlando may be best known for Disney and Mickey Mouse, but MedMal Direct knows it for having some of the best doctors and facilities in the state! Whether you are an OBGYN, a Vascular Surgeon or a Family Practice, we can help with your professional liability needs.

Medmal Direct sells insurance directly to physicians cutting out the middleman to drive down costs and increase efficiencies. And, with our Headquarters up the road in Jacksonville, you can rest assured we know the Florida market!

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No matter where you are practicing, we can help you secure the best insurance at the lowest market rates throughout Orlando including Orange County, Seminole County and Lake County. Additionally, you may qualify for special Florida insurance discounts based around our local, affiliated partnerships throughout the area. Dan Howell, the Orlando Regional Vice President, is happy to come visit your office and take the confusion out of buying medical malpractice insurance.


Why Work with a Specialized, Direct Insurance Company?

If you need to buy medical malpractice insurance, MedMal Direct specializes in this important product. Professional Liability is all we do! Working with a Broker is like playing whisper down the lane with your business. A Broker simply shops your deal with various insurance companies and takes a fee. Instead, you can work directly with the company writing and insuring your policy – MedMal Direct! This allows Physicians to leverage lower cost structures and higher efficiencies for the best possible policy! The process starts with the savings, but it continues with the ease of use in customer service, risk management tools, practice management tips in our monthly newsletter, and – if it ever happens – a collaborative claims process. MedMal Direct believes in a customer-focused approach that benefits Physicians.

Simply put, Direct is Better.

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Dan Howell
Regional Vice President
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