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MedMal Direct Appoints Bryan Carter as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Jacksonville-based MedMal Direct Insurance Company (MedMal Direct) today announced the appointment of Bryan Carter as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing. In this role, Carter will oversee the development and execution of strategies to support the company’s medical professional liability insurance sales, service and marketing. In addition, Carter will be leading the expansion of CorePro Insurance Agency.


Mastering the Art of Patient Retention

Attracting new patients is a vital part of any growing medical practice. However, when prioritizing marketing initiatives around new lead generation, physicians may be neglecting their most profitable lead base… their current patients. While bringing new patients in the door is important, it is arguably more important to keep them coming back in.


Building Patient Satisfaction Surveys for Your Practice

Using patient satisfaction surveys is a great way to gain feedback about your practices performance. Survey templates can be any combination of short and long responses designed to elicit feedback from patients about specific components of their experience.


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"This is truly a different and better way to do malpractice insurance."

— Paul Chappano, M.D. , FACS President, North Florida Surgeons


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