What is “Tail” Coverage?

An Extended Reporting Period Endorsement, commonly known as “Tail” coverage, covers a physician’s prior acts from a Retroactive Date until the date the coverage is issued; this type of coverage is permanent. This policy protects the hospital or group from taking on uncalculated risk, and it protects the physician if a claim is made on past work.



Tail coverage is not inexpensive; in fact, it’s one of the most notoriously expensive policies you may purchase. The average price for Tail coverage is often double a physician’s annual medical malpractice liability premium. Lack of competition accounts for some of the surge; the previous insurer has little incentive to offer competitive pricing to an insured that is moving on to another carrier. Similarly, the risk of this policy has historically precluded competition from other insurers. However, MedMal Direct Insurance Company is experienced in this unique market and happy to provide stand-alone Tail coverage. 


Financial Security

As previously stated, this coverage is relatively expensive, but you cannot put a price on your financial security. Being uninsured puts you at a high risk of having to pay a substantial amount on a medical malpractice claim. With our Tail coverage, you can rest assured that you are always covered and if a patient decides to file a claim down the road, you know you are protected. Call us today to get a quote for your Tail coverage. Your peace of mind is worth it.