How to Streamline Your Practice

January 18, 2015

In the Medical Economics article published 1/7/2015, Elizabeth Woodcock summarizes how to improve the efficiency and in turn the success of your practice by presenting some “dos” and “don’ts” for the front office, mid-office and back office. 

Front Office

  • Recruit well
  • Provide adequate resources (workspace and technology)
  • Develop checklists for employees
  • Good Communication
  • Develop checklist for patients
  • Take time to effectively Train and Educate your team for better accuracy
  • Make a good First impression – Greet patients and communicate status and items needed for visit


  • Preview patient’s charts prior to visit, ideally a day before visit
  • Morning Meetings for updates and preparation for the day’s schedule
  • Develop Standard Intake Process
  • Standardize Exam rooms
  • Create a Flow Station for easy communication

Back Office

  • Leverage Technology to automate manual processes
  • Monitor Billing Metrics
  • Update Work Processes to handle ACA Requirements
  • Set Expectations and Regularly Give Feedback

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