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Oklahoma Tort Reform

Oklahoma is among the 30 states leading the way with tort reform. Recent legislation in Oklahoma positively affected the marketplace in favor of physicians compared to the previous laws on the books. Ultimately, the tort reform resulted in a significant reduction in both the total awards as well as the total number of claims. The reform placed limits on the amount that can be awarded to a plaintiff in cases. Unless the plaintiff could demonstrate that the physician’s actions disregarded the rights of others, the law limits the jury’s punitive damages to $100,000. In cases where the defendant was found to act in a malicious and intentional regard, the limit becomes $500,000. Caps are not applicable in cases where a Judge determines that malicious and intentional acts threatened life or resulted in permanent injury to the plaintiff.

These tort reforms positively impacted a physician’s medical malpractice insurance in Oklahoma.

Why Work with a Specialized, Direct Insurance Company?

If you need to buy medical malpractice insurance, MedMal Direct specializes in this important product. Professional Liability is all we do! Working with a Broker is like playing whisper down the lane with your business. A Broker simply shops your deal with various insurance companies and takes a fee. Instead, you can work directly with the company writing and insuring your policy – MedMal Direct! This allows physicians to leverage lower cost structures and higher efficiencies for the best possible policy! The process starts with the savings, but it continues with the ease of use in customer service, risk management tools, practice management tips in our monthly newsletter, and – if it ever happens – a collaborative claims process. MedMal Direct believes in a customer-focused approach that benefits physicians.

Simply put, Direct is Better.

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How to Buy Medical Malpractice Insurance

Buying medical malpractice insurance is no easy task. It is full of confusing language, long forms and the process traditionally has been harder than a root canal. As part of our streamlined, direct approach, MedMal Direct collects three main pieces of information:

  1. Curriculum Vitae – Your background as a Physician or group
  2. Loss Runs – Most importantly what is your claims history
  3. Application – Provides us with critical, information

Once complete, the Underwriting Department reviews your application to understand your qualifications and assess the risk of your policy. During this review, your rate is determined and any applicable discounts are applied. The normal medical malpractice policy in Oklahoma is $1MM/$3MM. This means that your MedMal will pay up to $1MM for any single incident and up to $3MM in total for all occurrences during the term.

Pro Shopping Tip: MedMal Direct will accept another company’s application to help streamline the process for you. You’ll love how easy it is to receive a medical malpractice insurance quote.

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